Gabe Okoye

Georgia State Senate District 9

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Gabe is very passionate about community/public service. A good part of my adult life has been spent in this regard. In the process,he has gained an immeasurable amount of leadership experience. Gabe have served in the leadership positions of many organizations and have consistently left each one of them much better than he found them.  

Gabe was elected to serve as the chairman of the Gwinnett County Democratic Party  in December of 2016. He ran for this office because of his burning desire to make the leadership of his wonderful and very diverse county to be more inclusive and reflective of her constituent communities. Therefore, under his leadership of the party, Gabe re-energized the membership to such a height that we recorded historic wins in the 2018 elections. They captured the majority of seats in the Gwinnett contingent of both the Georgia Senate and the House. In addition, the Gwinnett County Democratic Party swept the two county commission seats that were up for election and also took one of the two School Board seats that were contested for. Furthermore, for the first time in decades, they recaptured the office of the Solicitor General of the county. In the process, they succeeded in making the county’s leadership more inclusive and more reflective of her demography. In recognition of the foregoing, Gabe was humbled that the Georgia House of Representatives passed Resolution 313, commending my efforts and designating November 6 as Gabe Okoye Leadership Day.  

In addition, Gabe currently serve on the Gwinnett County’s Planning Commission, where he represents the Commission in District 4. He works with his fellow planning commission members to make recommendations that impact developments in the county. 

Upcoming Primary Elections in Georgia will be June 9, 2020.

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